VIDEO — Nike X Undercover: Running Monks (via Derek Flanzraich)

Through Kyoto’s ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, this is anything but your average run.

The Guardian — Tug of War Championships (via Kristine Lockwood)

We had this down in grade school, but it wasn’t as intense as this: the European and the World Tug of War Championships. Looks like there really is an sport out there for everyone.

Shape — Rethinking Your Goal Weight (via Claudine Morgan)

If you’re at your goal weight, but miserable (physically, mentally, and emotionally), is it worth it? Shape Magazine reminds us to put happiness first.

VIDEO — The Best Olympic Moment (via Laura Schwecherl)

And finally, because we all need a little encouragement from time to time, we choose Marianne St-Gelais for our corner.