ESPN – Kenyan Sweep at Boston Marathon (via David Tao)

Last week’s Boston Marathon gave us Geoffrey Mutai, who set the record for the fastest anyone has ever run the 26.2 miles at 2 hours, 3 minutes, 2 seconds, a full 3 minutes better than the course record set just last year. Really makes us reconsider what we did in the last 2 hours.

Serious Eats – Peeps Week: Yoga to the Peeps Diorama(via Bari Lieberman)

Doing Yoga is apparently easier without a skeletal system– and, thanks to some Fruit by the Foot, the expected diorama is complete. Unclear whether this is inspiring or just hunger-inducing.

Chinese 9 Year Old Girl Shuffling (via Calvin Men)

Guaranteed to at least inspire you to want to dance.

And finally, today’s #Greatist Sunday brunch meal (via Kate Morin)