During the holiday season, many of us are hopping on planes, trains, and motorcycles (maybe) to visit family and friends. And while traveling can often be a hassle, to Grandmother’s house we can go, stress-free.

Pack smart. Stuff the suitcase a day or two before departure to avoid last-minute scrambling. If flying, make note of what can and can’t go in carry-ons (sorry, a six-pack won’t fly) to assure smooth travels through security checks.

Be prepared. Gather all the important documents before taking off— whether that’s a road map, train ticket, or trip itinerary. Know which passport and visa documents are necessary to avoid getting stranded at the border. Stick ’em all in a folder to stay organized!

Get comfy. When traveling, there’s no need to look our Sunday best. Train conductors and gas station attendants won’t judge yoga pants and track jackets, so kick off the heels and slide into something cozy. Grab a neck pillow to make napping a breeze. (Lavender-scented can be even more relaxing!)

Stay healthy. It’s no secret that nutritious food can keep a good mood intact. Pack some satisfying travel treats in advance like fresh fruit and nuts, and opt for meals with lean protein and whole grains if the destination is a day away. That free beverage tray may be tempting, but skip the soda and stay hydrated with water.

Disconnect from the office. Listen to flight attendants and turn off all electronics before departure. (Cell phone reception 10,000 feet up is spotty, anyway.) Avoiding office emails and taking a break from work will leave more valuable time with friends and family, who can make us happiest of all.

Avoid germs. Want to duck and cover from sickness? Take a small bottle of hand sanitizer to held ward off invisible invaders. Don’t fear public transportation bathrooms either— soaping up can be germs’ worst enemy.

Stretch it out. Sitting for a long period of time can be a literal pain in the butt. But don’t let a less-than-cozy car seat create soreness! There are ways to stay mobile on the move, so get that stretch on (and disregard any raised eyebrows that may follow).

Steer clear of jet lag. Traveling to different time zones doesn’t mean falling asleep before dinner and getting up before sunrise. Studies suggest getting in a good workout after traveling can reset our internal clocks (while burning off some of those holiday sweets!).