What makes some people so nice and others so mean? Why are people capable of doing horrible things to one another, yet they still perform amazing acts of kindness? How can we become nicer people and learn to help those who are a little less kind?

In this episdoe of the Greatist Podcast, we talk with renowned researcher Dr. Paul Zak, who discovered how a molecule called oxytocin may be the key to understanding what makes us moral.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode

1:58 — What is the moral molecule?

3:05 — Is it possible to have too much of the moral molecule?

4:35 — How oxytocin helps you form healthy relationships.

5:53 — How to use oxytocin to increase happiness.

8:36 — Why women are (usually) nicer than men.

11:48 — How strong relationships make you healthier.

13:13 — The top three ways to use oxytocin to become happier and healthier.

18:17 — The one choice that Dr. Zak made in the last week to become fitter, healthier, and happier.

Show Notes

The Moral Molecule by Dr. Paul Zak

People on the Show

David Tao
Armi Legge
Dr. Paul J. Zak

Photo courtesy of Paul Zak.