Time’s running out, but some of us might not have quite finished (started?) our holiday shopping. So while putting off our own shopping, we picked out 25 gifts we’d actually like to receive. Whether buying for an experienced pro or for a beginner in need of inspiration, there’s a gift in here that’s sure to please. (Note: We weren’t paid or perked in any way for including these items. These are all gifts Team Greatist actually picked out just because we like them.)


GoFit Kettlebell: Kettlebells get beginner-friendly in cheery colors along with an instructional DVD.

Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii: At-home exercisers just starting out will love this fun, upbeat workout routine.

Vibram Fivefingers: Pair this equipment with Born to Run to get a new barefoot runner started.

Wii Fit Plus: For gamers who already own the Wii Fit Balance Board, this disc-only version adds 20 new activities to the original Wii Fit’s.

Demonbells: They’re kettlebells with attitude. What bro wouldn’t feel totally awesome swinging around one of these?

Finger-weights: Athletes can improve hand and wrist strength with simple strap-on finger weights. (Instructional DVD included, don’t worry.)

Amphipod Hydration Belt: The distance runner will appreciate the ease and convenience of this thirst-quenching belt.

YogiToes Skidless Towel: Let’s be real— yogis sweat sometimes. This gift is practical and environmentally friendly.


FitBit Ultra Tracker: Kickstart a new health regimen with this device that tracks eating and exercise on-the-go.

Branch Spoontulas: New cooks need not worry about limited storage space with this spoon-and-spatula combination.

Yanko Design Bowlboard: Cooks can have everything at their fingertips— but still keep it neat and tidy.

The Athlete’s Palate Cookbook: Hardcore athletes can peruse delicious and nutritious recipes that suit their fitness goals.

The Table Comes First: Foodies devour this book about the evolution of American taste.


Rocky and The Karate Kid: These films are sure to motivate beginners to get back in the ring— err, on the treadmill.

Chariots of Fire: The soundtrack alone makes this film an obvious choice for fitness fans.

Born to Run: Experienced runners will feel motivated to press on with Christopher McDougall’s book on sneaker-less running.

Deepak Chopra’s Leela: Give the gift of meditation with Deepak Chopra’s game for Windows or Xbox 360.

“Namaste, Bitches” Tote Bag: Whether the recipient does yoga or not, this bag is sure to get a giggle.

Zeo Sleep Manager: For the pal (or sibling or significant other) who never catches enough zzz’s, this sleep manager can clue her in on how to get the best sleep.

Stocking Stuffers

Apple Corer: This gadget gets top reviews from Team Greatist. Any health nut is sure to love it.

Chef’s Planet Food Scoop: Transferring food from cutting board to stove is easy as pie with this scoop.

BedPhones: Easy on the ears and the wallet, these headphones are ideal for light sleepers and city dwellers.

Gliding Discs: These discs make home exercise doable on any floor surface.

FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards: With options for office-dwellers, yogis, travelers, and more, the bodyweight-only exercises on these cards work almost anywhere.

Animal House Monkey Peeler: Cooking gets extra fun with these spunky peelers.