If you’ve tried eating Paleo or following any strict diet, really, you know that planning is key. Filling your fridge with healthy, fresh ingredients and keeping your favorite pantry staples right where you can see ’em makes staying on track waaaay easier. But eating healthy while on the go? That can get dicey. Before you let that I-just-waited-an-hour-in-the-security-line hanger take you right into the arms of Auntie Anne’s, stock up on some of these Paleo-approved snacks that you can easily keep in your bag. Whether you’re flying across the country, staying in a hotel for a few nights, or just on your morning commute, these tasty snacks will keep you satisfied between meals—and on your Paleo A-game.


These things are so good, your 10-year-old cousin might just mistake them for a candy bar. With flavors like mint chocolate chip, maple sea salt, and coffee chocolate, you’ll have a hard time believing they’re Paleo approved, but trust us… the proof is on the wrapper. The ingredients are egg whites, fruit, and nuts, and not much else. Pair one with some sliced veggies and you’re good to go. Greatist readers get 12 bars for $20 with code greatistrx.($20, 12-bar sample pack; rxbar.com)

2. KRAVE Beef Jerky

A Paleo staple, beef jerky is the ideal on-the-go protein: It’s easy to eat, doesn’t make a mess, and a slim bag of it can fit almost anywhere. KRAVE makes its meats out of 100 percent lean cuts and sells unique flavors such as black cherry peppercorn and basil citrus.($10.50, 3-bag variety pack; amazon.com)

3. Inka Chips

Chips are a common grab-and-go snack, but most will leave you twice as hungry once you’re done (not to mention that most aren’t Paleo approved). The Inka Crops brand has made plantain chips to solve that problem, cooked only with palm oil and salt. If you can find a side of guac (ahem, snackNo. 9), these 4-ounce packs can become a full-on meal.($20.83, 12 count; amazon.com)

4. Justin’s Classic Almond Butter Packets

When you need something creamy, reach for Justin’s Almond Butter. The 1.15-ounce packets are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, and are just as good on their own as they are squeezed onto a banana or apple. Just be sure to get the original—the flavored versions aren’t all Paleo.($19.99, 10 count; amazon.com)

5. Larabars

Many granola and protein bars are loaded with sugar and processed flours, but Larabars keep it clean with fruits, nuts, and spices. Best of all, the brand is mainstream enough that you may be able to find them in an airport or street kiosk. Make sure to read the label, though, as only some flavors are Paleo approved—apple pie, cashew cookie, and pecan pie make the cut.($15.94, 16 bars; amazon.com)

6. Fuel for Fire Protein Packs

Sure, you may feel a bit like a kid while drinking one of these, but the smoothie protein packs are worth it for the nutritious punch and pure convenience. Flavors include sweet potato apple and banana cocoa; the latter is made with bananas, apples, protein, and unsweetened cocoa. Note: They use whey protein, so if you’re super-strict Paleo and avoiding all dairy products, then you can move on to the next snack.($29.99, 10-count variety pack; amazon.com)

7. Peeled Snacks Dried Mango

Even though dried fruit is meant to be limited, when you’re traveling, sometimes you have to settle for second best. In this case, it’s sweet dried mangoes that have zero added sugar and come in super portable 1.4-ounce packs. Lucky for you, if you forgot to prepare ahead of time, these are sold in many airports around the country. They make avoiding candy bar sugar-bombs at checkout a total breeze.($20.67, 10 count; amazon.com)

8. Wildway Grain-Free Granola

Your mom was onto something when she packed granola and yogurt in your backpack way back when. Copy her idea (minus the oats and yogurt), and you’ll be all set to snack throughout the day. Dates, walnuts, coconut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, pecans, and vanilla bean is a combo you can feast on all flight long.($7.99, 10-ounce pack; amazon.com)

9. Wholly Guacamole

These single-serving guacamole packets may not last the whole day, but they’re fine out of the fridge for a few hours, and they’re pretty dang delicious. Spread some on a piece of chicken, mash up with hard-boiled eggs, dip a few carrot sticks in there, or just go at it with a spoon—we won’t judge.($3.19, 4 count; jet.com)

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