WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards

Sometimes just walking in to a weight room can be intimidating, much less to actually start strength training without any guidance. We find ourselvesquestioning everything: What exercises should I be doing? How many reps and sets are best? Should I feel this in my lower back? (For the record, the answer to that last one is almost always no.)

And then we discovered an incredibly simple and convenient solution: WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards, a complete deck of 40 bodyweight exercises, 10 stretches, and six quick (but intense!) workouts adaptable to any fitness level. Our favorite is the Turbo Charged Morning Workout, a combination of jumping jacks, push-ups, mountain climbers, planks, crunches, and squats that had us seriously sweating after just six minutes. Good thing the cards are waterproof!

The beautifully-designed cards come in decks for men and women and feature clean illustrations on one side and easy-to-follow instructions on the other. They also tell you which muscles each exercise targets, though if you do any of their suggested circuits, you’ll feel the burn.