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So you’re in the market for a new mattress and you want to try the bed-in-a-box trend. Casper and Nectar are top contenders, but is one ultimately better than the other? Here’s a look at the deets on both brands — and how to find which one is right for you.

Mattress typememory foammemory foam and foam-spring hybrid
Price range (queen)$1,198–$1898$595–$2,595
Materialsgel memory foam, Tencel-poly blend coverpolyurethane foam, encased springs
Trial period365 days100 days
Warrantyforever10 years
Delivery and returnsfreefree
Extras2 free pillows, free sheets, and free mattress protector with purchasenone

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details.


Nectar keeps it super simple with just two memory foam mattresses to pick from.

  • Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. The brand’s medium-firm base model is billed as a premium memory foam mattress that keeps you cool and minimizes motion transfer. At 11 inches thick, it’s got 5 layers of foam, including a layer of contouring gel foam and a responsive transition layer to prevent weird sinking feelings. The Tencel-poly blend cover is designed for maximum airflow to help you sleep cool. It’s meant for all sleeping positions.
  • Nectar Lush Mattress. Also medium-firm, the brand’s higher-end model promises even more support and breathability. It’s 12 inches thick and boasts 5 layers of foam, including a gel AquaCool layer and a high-density Energex foam. It’s designed for all sleeping positions.

Customer reviews and ratings

Both of Nectar’s beds have won awards for catering to back, side, and stomach sleepers. They’re also rated as top 2020 picks by USA Today and the Sleep Foundation. So you know they’re pretty legit.

The customer reviews are pretty incredible, too. Nectar’s Memory Foam Mattress has racked up nearly 26,000 positive reviews, with users saying they wake up with less pain and acid reflux, and are less likely to disrupt their partners when they change positions. There’s also a strong consensus that the mattresses can improve the quality of your sleep.

On the other hand, the buying and return experiences reportedly aren’t great. Most of the brand’s negative reviews come from customers mentioning their bed didn’t arrive when they expected or having a crappy customer service experience.

What can you expect from Casper — and what do people who’ve already bought from them think? Here’s the scoop.


Casper offers four options with varying price points.

  • Casper Original. The brand’s first mattress, which you can get in memory foam or hybrid, offers three targeted support zones, including softer foam around the shoulders and firmer foam around the hips and lower back for support. The top layer is made from perforated, breathable foam to maximize airflow. It’s 11 inches thick.
  • Casper Nova Hybrid. Pricier than the Original, this hybrid mattress has a plush top layer for extra softness. It’s got seven support zones to help with spinal alignment and perforated foam for maximum airflow. The foam-spring combo offers a bouncier feel than all-foam too. It’s 12 inches thick.
  • Casper Wave Hybrid. The brand’s luxe model is designed specifically for sleepers with aches and pains. It’s a hybrid, so it contains the ergonomic support of memory foam with the bounce and airflow of springs. The gel-infused foam offers an extra cooling feature. It’s 13 inches thick.
  • Casper Element. Casper’s budget bed offers the comfort of memory foam for a fantastic price. Unlike some value foams, the foam is still perforated so it’s designed not to promote overheating. It’s 10 inches thick.

Customer reviews and ratings

Casper’s beds haven’t racked up any official awards. The customer reviews are still super strong, with nearly 20,000 positive reviews for the Original model.

Enthusiastic buyers say Casper beds help them sleep better and wake up with less pain in the morning, and they work well for couples with different comfort and sleep needs.

The downside? Some users complain that the mattresses have a chemical-like smell that seems to linger for a while. Others either found the bed too firm or too soft and ultimately not capable of offering support for their pressure points.

Both mattress brands have their pros and cons. Nectar has earned more of a reputation for being really good for a range of sleep types and pain relief. On the other hand, Casper offers more choices overall, including a foam-spring hybrid if you don’t want to go full-on memory foam.

Ultimately, there’s no perfect mattress that’s the best for everyone. It all comes down to which features will best meet your personal needs. Think about what you want most from your new mattress and go with the one that seems like it’ll deliver.

No matter which brand you choose, there’s time to try it out and see if it’s the right fit — and send it back if it doesn’t work.