Attention 90s babies. Little Debbie, which brings the world snacks like Cosmic Brownies and Zebra Cakes, is teaming up with Hudsonville Ice Cream to give you a new way to love a classic treat: Little Debbie-inspired ice cream.

After launching a limited-time-only Christmas Tree Cake-flavored ice cream at the end of last year, the brand is back with even more sweetness. Here’s what’s hitting shelves and where to get a pint.

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According to a press release, there will be seven new flavors available.

  • Oatmeal Cream Pie: bites of oatmeal cookie and molasses mixed with a vanilla creme ice cream
  • Swiss Roll: pieces of chocolate cake and whipped cream swirled in a “chocolaty cake” ice cream
  • Zebra Cakes: yellow cake pieces and chocolate fudge mixed with white cake-flavored ice cream
  • Nutty Bar: chocolate waffle cone pieces and fudge swirled inside peanut butter ice cream
  • Strawberry Shortcake Roll: yellow cake bites and strawberry swirl inside white cake ice cream
  • Honey Bun: honey bun pieces and cinnamon mixed into honey bun-flavored ice cream
  • Cosmic Brownie: rainbow chips and brownie bites mixed with brownie batter ice cream

If you’ve ever begged your parents for a box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls at the grocery store, this is your chance to treat your inner child.

These Little Debbie ice cream flavors will be available year-round at Walmarts across the country. At $2.50 each, you can stock up on a few flavors to find your favorite.

Pro tip: If you haven’t had a Cosmic Brownie since visiting your friend’s house in middle school, you might want to pick up a pack of those, too. You know, for old time’s sake.