There’s too much Internet—with wonders like this specially-designed drinking jacket—and too little time. That’s why we curate a list of the best of the best (a.k.a. “the Greatist”) things we’ve come across on the Web this week. In other words, it’s the stuff we’d email/gchat/tweet/text you immediately if we were besties. While we’ll never stop striving to bring our readers amazing content on a daily basis, we know not all the best stuff comes from us.

1. Going on a Diet With Your Partner Probably Won’t Go So Well (Science of Us)

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, and if we’re anything like the average American, we’ll make it a goal to lose weight—or at least eat better. And that goal sounds a lot more attainable when we have our trusty partner alongside us, right? Partners are a great motivator when it comes to working out, but new research suggests that dieting with a partner—and inevitably comparing progress—isn’t a great idea.

2. How the Holidays Are Ruining Yoga (MindBodyGreen)

The holidays are a time of indulgence—cookies and cocktails, anyone?—which are all-too-commonly followed by a period of self-loathing about consuming too many calories. Now the idea of keeping off those holiday pounds has made its way to yoga. As this refreshing article points out, this kind of body shaming goes against the very principles of yoga.

3. We May Never Stop Loving That Mariah Carey Christmas Song (Mic)

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” is 20 years old this holiday season. We haven’t gotten sick of it yet—and science says we probably won’t. It turns out that our music, especially holiday music, gives our brains an instant dose of nostalgia. And we find familiar songs—the ones we know the lyrics to—the most pleasurable. So Mariah doesn’t need to worry about being dethroned as the queen of Christmas music anytime soon.

4. The Myth of Comfort Food (The New York Times)

After a long week in the office, we’ve been known to face plant into a tub of ice cream. But it turns out our go-to comfort food doesn’t actually have a measurable impact on our mood. The one thing that did help lift people’s moods: time. But we’d argue that time is much better spent with a double scoop waffle cone in hand.

5. How to Keep Beer From Foaming (The Atlantic)

Foam and beer seem like an inevitable duo, but the the foam can be a major buzzkill when it erupts out of a just-opened bottle like one of Yellowstone’s finest geysers. Hops diminish the likelihood of a foamy mess, but also make beer more bitter. Lucky for us, Belgian scientists discovered that running a brew through a magnetized field spread out the hops more evenly, which led to less foam mishaps.