BOOM Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Rocking out with a pair of earbuds is fine when exercising solo, but we’ve long been searching for the perfect speaker to bring along for partner workouts. There are plenty of portable and indestructible options, but most speakers on the market are too large to throw in our gym bag or too pricey to feel OK toting around the streets of Manhattan. And then we discovered the Swimmer by BOOM.

The speaker is about the size of a softball and looks like an enormous tadpole. The “tail” can be looped for easy carrying on everything from backpacks to bicycles, and it’s also sturdy enough to be coiled into an on-the-go stand. And because the designers at BOOM have thought of everything, the tail can be removed and replaced with a suction cup.

The design isn’t the only impressive thing about this bluetooth speaker. The first time we turned it on, we couldn’t believe the volume—and the thumping bass—that came out of this tiny speaker. Another cool feature: The Swimmer (as its name would suggest) is waterproof, so it’s perfect for a pool party or if you get caught in the rain on a bike ride. Plus, it sports a 16-hour battery life, so we didn’t have to worry about forgetting to recharge.