Work is more than just what you’re doing. The whole experience can impact your life in many different ways—mentally, physically, and socially. So when you think about finding work you’ll truly enjoy, the things that matter most might not be listed in the job description. That’s why every year, Greatist recognizes the Healthiest Companies to Work For in America. And this year, we’re taking it one step further by bringing you HealthyJob.

HealthyJob is the best place to find (and list) jobs at companies that truly champion a healthy, happy work culture. We believe it’s not the benefits that matter, but why they’re offered in the first place—and that working hard and finding balance aren’t mutually exclusive, but together can even improve the bottom line.

Isn’t it time for change? Check out the current listings (only in New York for now) and consider working for some of the healthiest companies instead.