Photo by Mykalee McGowan

The boss is on your case again, your supervisor’s freaking out about a client, and your inbox is overflowing. No, we don’t expect that’ll leave you smiling at the office. But studies show that slotting at least fifteen minutes of physical activity into your morning, post-work, or lunch break routine can significantly stave off workplace stress. Your brain needs a break — as does the rest of your body. So go ahead, power walk to the nearest coffee shop when that afternoon slump creeps up on you, do a few rounds of lunges down the hallway, or run up the stairwell in your office building. Not only will your mind be clearer; you’ll burn some extra calories along the way! Takeaway: Walk away from your desk (ideally for at least fifteen minutes) to feel better at work. Do It Today: Don’t have time to hit the gym on a lunch break? Offer to get the boss coffee as an excuse to step out for a brisk power walk to and from the café!

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