No matter who wins the game, you’re the real winner if you wake up Monday without a hangover, are we right? Here are our tips for sidestepping a hangover. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean skipping out completely.)

  • Keep it light. Avoid darker drinks like red wine and whiskey, which contain a compound that may contribute to hangovers.
  • Stay classy. Like darker drinks, cheap liquors also have more potentially hangover-causing compounds known as congeners.
  • Eat up. Chowing down can help prevent alcohol from absorbing too quickly.
  • Stay hydrated. You’ve probably heard this one before, but it bears repeating— chug one glass of water for every alcohol beverage consumed to avoid the next morning headache.
  • Say no to bubbles. The fizzy stuff may cause alcohol to be absorbed more rapidly.
  • Pop a vitamin. Drinking depletes folate, potassium, and B12. Supplement with a vitamin (or healthy eats) to keep things on track.

The Takeaway: Make smart drink choices (like flat, light-colored, high-quality liquor) and eat well ahead of time to bypass a hangover the next day. If it’s too late and the hangover already has you in its clutches, read on for even more tips.

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Fun Fact:

More than 50 million cases of beer are sold during the weeks surrounding the Super Bowl.