Photo by Caitlin Covington

We know, we know: Coffee and tea are good for you. So how could some of our coffee shop favorites be dangerfoods? It’s the one-two punch of sugar and calories that does ’em in. Many of these drinks have hundreds (yes, plural) of calories, but because they take liquid form, they just don’t satisfy hunger. Fancy shmancy coffee drinks are also typically made with two-percent milk, which has more fat than plain old coffee ever should.

To make these drinks healthier (if you aren’t feeling regular coffee or tea), order a “skinny” at Starbucks (that’s skim milk and sugar-free syrup), or go for a drink without any milk at all! Even if you add sugar after the fact, at least you’ll have control over how much sugar. And keep it to a normal size (less than 16 ounces, please), as anything larger may contain an unhealthy amount of caffeine.

The Takeaway: To have a healthier morning pick-me-up, consider the type of milk, sweeteners, and amount of caffeine before ordering a mocha-frappa-something-or-other.

Skip the Venti

A new study shows you don’t even need that super-sized coffee. Just one small cup is enough to keep drivers alert on the road.

Fun Fact:

On average, Americans spend a whopping $1,092 per year on coffee, with 18- to 34-year-olds spending the most.