Victory Tastes SweetThere are more juice cleanse and fast products on the market than we can list, but it turns out they might be just a tad overrated. While juice cleanses can promote quick weight loss, much of what’s lost comes back quickly once returning to a real-food diet. And juicing in place of chowing down on some actual food can have some potentially dangerous side effects including fatigue and protein deprivation. While a superfood-packed veggie smoothie can be a great addition to the day’s routine, it’s best not to think of them as adequate replacements for an entire day’s worth of meals. The Takeaway: Do your research before jumping into a juice cleanse, and know that you could be losing essential nutrients (like protein)!

Here are our three favorite healthy, delicious winners from our recent smoothie contest!

Squeaky Clean Veggies

Try baking soda to get those veggies tasting clean and fresher than ever.