Photo: SweetOnVeg

About 10 years ago, the Meatless Monday campaign landed in the U.S. and it’s been growing ever since. The basic premise is that by convincing people to avoid meat just one day a week we can reduce the environmental repercussions of raising livestock, like greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and ground pollution among many others. Some studies also claim that reducing meat consumption can lower cholesterol, saturated fat intake, and risk of mortality. While the health benefits (or drawbacks) of cutting out meat are still up for debate, devoting one day a week to more ecologically-friendly food is never a bad idea.

Do It Today: This week, join the Meatless Monday crusade and stick to vegetarian proteins at the start of the week.

Veggie Tales

Switch out that steak for some heart healthy beans or another vegetarian protein.

Cream of the Crop

Fat isn’t a bad word! Stock up on healthy monosaturated fats with avocados.