The incredible edible egg isn’t just a delicious breakfast staple. Just one egg has 6 grams of protein, and a dozen of these still costs way less than a steak. Eggs also have omega-3 fatty acids (great for heart health) and antioxidants, which help protect from eye damage.

Photo by Ben Draper

Before ordering that egg white omelet, know a whole egg may actually be a better source of nutrients. To try eggs in a new way, have ’em for dinner— they’re great in frittatas, fried rice, and tortillas.

The Takeaway: Add eggs any time of the day or night for a healthy and cheap source of protein. Skip the yolks if cholesterol is specifically a concern for you.

Did We Mention They’re Quick?

Eggs cook super-fast. So do these 52 healthy meals. (We’re talking 12-minutes-or-less fast!)

Fun Fact:

Eggplants are so named because they’re roughly the shape and size of a goose egg.