Winter LeavesPhoto by Florin Garoi

Make New Year’s resolutions stick past January 10th by taking time to reenergize the body and soul before embarking on a self-improvement kick. Spend some time at the close of the hectic holiday season thinking about your purpose and brainstorm how to be your best self. Meditating, listening to up-beat music, and reflecting on the gifts (literal and figurative) of the season are good ways to get the ball rolling.

Do it Today: Instead of starting New Year’s resolutions with negative thoughts and self-critique, take a few moments each day to be grateful, meditate, and re-energize.

Magic Words:

Giving thanks throughout the year — not just during the holidays — makes us happier and healthier.

3 p.m. Blues:

Nothing says “post-holiday” like heading back to work. Stay energized all day with these 22 tips.