Who wouldn’t want to feel just a tad bit smarter? Maybe a little more with it? Actually remember the name of that person you just met? We found a whopping 47 ways to boost brainpower, and some of them are easy hacks you can add into your everyday life:

  • Seize the opportunity to doodle the day away. Doodling stimulates the brain.
  • Try letting the mind wander. It increases creativity.
  • Nix the computer and take hand-written notes— this quick switch can boost learning and memory.
  • Break the mold! Swap seats at the next sit-down or otherwise alter the habits associated with the daily grind. It’ll help keep your brain on its toes.

The Takeaway: Boosting brainpower doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. You can take a few easy steps to up your cognitive abilities even during a meeting.

Brain-Boosting Breakfast

Omega-3s may be good for the brain, too (they could help fight depression). And this smoked salmon and egg tortilla is full of ’em.

Fun Fact:

The brain has no pain receptors, so it literally can’t feel pain. So don’t worry about working it too hard!