Greatist is looking for a part-time* web app developer passionate about building products that will help inspire & inform the world to make one healthier choice per week. We’re a high-quality fitness, health, and happiness resource with a “relatable” perspective (such as why to choose Guinness over Bud instead of not drinking at all).

We’re looking to create something special– and need the help of a smart self-starter excited about making a genuine and lasting difference in the health & fitness space. We’re looking for a developer who loves simplicity + effectiveness, builds stuff for fun that’s been successful, and (ideally, though not necessarily) works out now & then.

Job Type

Part-time. Paid.


Remote, though ideally NYC.


If interested, please send your favorite health & fitness tip (even if it can be done at your computer) as well as links to a portfolio and/or web projects to opps [at] greatist [dot] com. We don’t need a list of languages you know– just show us what you can do & tell us why it matters. Also, feel free to contact us at opps [at] greatist [dot] com with any questions.

*Full-time opportunities might be available on a case-by-case basis for those living in the New York City area and/or who earn the heck out of it.