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The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition

Looking for the perfect pre-workout meal would be? What about post-workout? This infographicanswers all those questions— and more. From protein-packed breakfasts to carb-overload marathon meals, here’s what every body needs to fuel-up right.

What Causes Hiccups?

They’re loud, annoying, and seemingly universal. Everyone’s got a “cure,” but how do home remedies stack up against this mysterious fit?

Meet Our Expert: Jen Cassetty

A former fitness model turned personal trainer who loves anything and everything fitness. She’s restless, spunky, and our Expert of the Week.

Is Knuckle Cracking Harmful?

Can’t stop cracking? Find out if that longtime habit can cause a lifetime of pain.

What Happens During Brain Freeze?

We know it’s hot, but don’t chug that Slurpee just yet. Brain freeze is a painful— but generally harmless— sensation in the front or sides of the head after the rapid ingestion of cold foods or drinks.