Medical Advisor

Jenny Yu, MD FACS

Jenny Yu, MD, FACS is the Chief Health Officer for RVO Health, the parent company to Healthline, Healthgrades, and Optum Perks. She leads the Medical Affairs team and supports the overall organization in strategy, growth, medical integrity, and external speaking opportunities. Prior to joining Healthline in 2020, she was a practicing academic clinician with 15+ years experience in research and operation. A co-founder of the non-profit, Project Theia, with focus on education, care, and innovation in facial reconstructive surgeries for global communities. She has a broad interest in innovation and solutions that help patients navigate the complexity of the healthcare systems.

During her tenure at Healthline Media, she has engaged in various thought leadership opportunities providing her clinical perspective within the context of the brand on broad-ranging topics such as access and adherence, whole-person health, and health literacy. She has spoken at HLTH, MM+M Media Summit, PHM Healthfronts and more.

In the Press


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