Now everyone can follow their digital weight loss program and eat well, too.Noom Weight Loss Coach, a health and fitness tracker and weight loss platform with more than 6.7 million subscribers, and HelloFresh, a recipe kit service, have partnered up to change the way we eat.

What’s the Deal

The partnership is pretty exciting, and also pretty simple math. Noom Weight Loss Coach is an Android app that helps users track their calories and exercise, and enables them to achieve their goals with personalized tips and advice. HelloFresh is a recipe kit delivery service that sends its users the ingredients to make (presumably) delicious meals that are also good for them.

The partnership basically glues the two companies together. Noom (and it’s Weight Loss Coach app)gets a cool way to bring their nutrition advice onto the dinner table and better track meals. HelloFresh gets access to Noom’s pool of subcribers and a closer connection to the health community. Noomand HelloFresh will continue to operate independently, though the overlap will hopefully draw more people to the joys of cooking and eating better.

Why It Matters

This is cool for a couple reasons. First, Noom and HelloFresh have added all sorts of cool tech and features to make the partnership sing. Meals from HelloFresh willhave unique QR codes that can be scanned using Noom’s app. This will auto-log the meals calories and details into the program, no typing required. Further, Noomers can sign up for “Noom Ingredient Delivery.” Each week the user is given a choice of three meals specially created for the user’s weight loss goals. (These meals cost $69/week for a pack of three — the same as HelloFresh’s standard meal plans. Noom’s app is free but subscribing to its wellness plan costs $9.99/month; not the cheapest option.)

In a grander sense, the partnership looks to be on of the more successful collaborations between big-name companies in the health and fitness space. Companies have tried to play nice before or just outright purchased one another. With so many specialized platforms, startups, and mobile apps, there are enormous opportunities for collaboration. Imagine if your tracking device synced with your preferred running app or your local food finder: You could run to a nearby green market to buy ingredients for dinner and then log the workout when you got home.

Expect to see more of these partnerships in the future, especially if Noom and HelloFresh can make theirs a success.

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