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How are you productive on your commute?

  • “Hey all, curious what tips and strategies people use to get some work in on their morning and evening commutes. Love taking a book along with me, but that’s about all there is in my current arsenal. Anyone have some favorite smartphone apps or tips to get in their news, reading, manage a to-do list, etc. on their way to and from work?”

Favorite guilt-free sweet treat?

  • “Any guilt-free recommendations for a sweet craving after a meal? Recently I have been craving a little treat after dinner but don’t have any “not so bad” options.”

What are your favorite healthy living blogs?

  • Do you read personal fitness/health blogs? Which ones are your favorite?

What are your must-read health and fitness books?

  • “I’d love to hear what your favorite health and fitness books are? I read Born to Run and loved it….looking for similar books, but not necessarily just about running. I’d love to know more about the physiology of exercise, brain + behavior, and overall happiness.”