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Street Art Recipes

We might not typically think of spaghetti as scandalous, but a group of rebellious Germans is proving us wrong. Some unidentified street artists in Cologne, Germany are defacing ads for fast food with recipes for higher-quality, home-cooked meals.

So far the insurgents have covered a Big Mac billboard with a recipe for rice, turkey, and vegetables and another billboard featuring a “King of the Month Burger” with a recipe for spaghetti Bolognese.

Of course, as one writer has already pointed out, the homemade recipes featured aren’t necessarily the most nutritious. And there’s some debate about whether home cooking is always healthier than dining out. But the campaign does a good job battling stereotypes about people who eat healthy food (that they’re boring or unlikeable, for example). Instead we see that those who try to maintain a healthy diet can be just as wild and crazy as the rest of us, scrawling their recipes on public property in spray paint. And for anyone who’s ever felt uncool sitting at home with a salad while everyone else is out pounding down burgers and shakes, that’s really meaningful.

Photo courtesy of Nerdcore.

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