Penis weights are not a safe or effective way to increase the size of your penis. The risks far outweigh the benefits. They can cause injury and trauma to the genitals, potentially resulting in long-term discomfort.

There’s virtually no evidence to back up the claims that using penis weights turns your penis into anything other than sore. In fact, penis weights can cause permanent penis damage… even if you have a spotter.

That said, def read this before you turn your penis into a weight hanger.

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Penis weights are weights that hang from your penis. Not too complicated a concept. You hang a weight on your penis. Gravity plus weight is supposed to equal penis enlargement, according to product designers…But that math doesn’t add up. (More on that later.)

They come in two varieties: weighted cock rings that fit just under the head or little kettlebells or plates that tie to the shaft with a sort of noose and pull the penis down toward the center of the earth.

The long and the short of it is that penis weights probably don’t work like they claim to. And there’s no scientific research to support the idea that stretching your penis works like lifting weights. The whole concept of “lifting weights” to increase the size of your muscle sounds great… if you’re talking about a muscle.

The problem is, the penis is an organ, not a muscle. So once you take that penis weight off, your penis will probably snap back to its normal phallic self. As many cool cross-sections will show you, the penis has lots of parts. Just… no muscles.

So, lifting weights without an actual muscle might not do much of anything at all. Maybe your spleen or kidneys want to give weightlifting a try. Oh, right. They’re organs, too.

Trainers might tell you that to build muscle, you need to “shred.” Literally. Each time you do a rep, your muscles experience some tearing and trauma. Then you hydrate and oxygenate them with lots of water, get lots of rest and follow the rest of your trainer’s directions.

But causing trauma to your penis is just that. Injury. So hanging a weight from your bell end might cause some of the following unfortunate outcomes:

  • bruising
  • blood clotting
  • loss of penile function, including sexual function and urination
  • penile fracture

Wait, what? Penile fracture?! Yep. There aren’t any bones in there (as you saw in that cool cross-section), but they can still break. If this happens, you might hear a cracking or popping sound. CRINGE. You might have a penile fracture if you suddenly lose your boner or if your penis is bleeding or has dark bruises.

A lot of peeps experience self-consciousness surrounding their penis. We can’t all look like what we see in the movies. Although penis weights probably won’t get you the results you’re looking for, here are some possible alternatives. None of them are particularly effective, though.

FYI: A 2023 study found that the average erect penile length has increased 24 percent over the last 29 years, but with no reason determined.

Penis extenders

Penis extenders are devices that like penis weights claim to lengthen the penis through gradual stretching or traction. But these contraptions offer more control over the stretching process than penis weights, so they’re probably a bit safer. But, again, there’s virtually no good evidence to support that they actually work.


If your real goal is a bigger and more reliable boner, then exercise is your best bet. Studies show that being out of shape can increase your chances of erectile dysfunction, so get on your feet and get that blood flowing. Lowering your body weight and increasing your circulation will bring about your best boner. So you could even think of a FitBit as a penis enhancer. And shrinking belly fat will add optical size to your penis.

Other devices

Anything that helps your circulation will help increase your boner size. For a little extra size while you’re getting busy – whether with a partner or solo – you could check out penis pumps or cock rings to help increase and maintain blood flow to your erection.


The only way to actually add size to your penis is through penis enlargement surgery. There are various methods, like implanting a silicon device to add length, but there are very few accurate medical guidelines for such procedures. And, yikes, any elective surgery comes with its own set of potential hazards. A botched penis enlargement surgery might even result in making your penis smaller.

Turns out, most folks who are looking for a way to enhance their penis size have an average-sized penis, they just assume the average penis is bigger than theirs. If you feel like you might be suffering from some deep insecurities about the size of your penis, you might consider seeking counseling to dispel some common myths related to penis size.

tl;dr A vast majority of peeps have an average-sized penis. But talking to a professional about your concerns might be the first step in easing your worries.

Okay, so for some reason you still want to try penis weights even though they don’t work. And they’re not safe. And you probably have a perfectly average-sized penis. Even after all the disclaimers. Welp… if you must, here are some tips to keep things safer (but not totally safe):

  • start with low weight
  • stay as still as you can… don’t do a helicopter or pretend you’re a pendulum
  • read the instructions thoroughly
  • make sure you’re not allergic to any of the materials that are touching your penis (like latex)
  • check to make sure your penis doesn’t have any bruising, tearing, or discoloration after your “work out”

And, whatever you do, don’t start making “cheat day” jokes after using penis weights.

Call a doctor or healthcare provider ASAP if you experience any of the following symptoms in your penis after using penis weights:

  • swelling
  • pain
  • blood in your urine
  • bleeding in the skin on your penis
  • tears/bruising/lacerations on your penis
  • difficulty peeing
  • difficulty getting an erection

And, not to make you cringe again if you hear a popping or cracking sound in your penis when using a penis weight, you might have fractured it. Oof.

Penis weights are small devices that attach to your penis and don’t do much of anything except dangle there and put your dick in danger. They claim to lengthen the penis by gradually stretching it out over a few months, but the risks of injury far outweigh any supposed results.

There isn’t any good research about any other effective ways to increase your penis size. But if you need a stronger, more reliable boner, then exercise and general health is your best bet. Anything that helps improve your circulation will help out that main vein of yours.

Most men who feel like they’re lacking in the penile size department have an average-sized penis. Talking to a counselor and getting more information before pursuing penis enlargement options might help to alleviate any penis-related anxiety.