Healthy eating just got a whole lot more accessible for iPhone users. App maker Noom just released its first product for iOS, an iPhone-friendly version of its popular Noom Weight Loss Coach. The new app — simply called Noom Weight — features the company’s extensive food database, letting users easily track what they’re eating, along with each item’s macronutrient profile. And just like the Android original, users can input exercise and weight-loss goals for a multifaceted health tracking experience.

With its user-friendly design and innovative extras, Noom’s apps have been on our list of Best Health and Fitness Apps two years in a row. The Noom Weight Loss Coach for Android lets users input health and fitness goals and then guides them along the way with food and exercise recommendations. Perhaps the app’s best-known feature is an intuitive food tracking system where users can easily enter what they’ve eaten with general portion estimates.

Noom’s food database has calorie counts for tens of thousands of items, making logging meals much quicker than cross-referencing nutritional labels by hand. And while its exercise tracking features might not be the most advanced, recording basic activities like walking, running, and cycling is easy. The app automatically takes exercise into account when letting users know how many calories they should be eating in a given day.

The company’s new iPhone app brings all these same features to iOS along with a slightly updated look for its user interface. Foods are now color-coded by nutritional value: healthy all-stars (like a fresh apple) are coded green, whereas treats and occasional indulgences are coded yellow or red. The iPhone app also records how many consecutive days users have met their healthy eating and activity goals.

We’re excited to see Noom branching out to a new mobile system, though in an already crowded space for iPhone apps, there’s no guarantee Noom Weight will catch on the way it has on Android. It’s also too early to tell what extras Noom might eventually roll out for iPhone (like their nifty recipe partnership with HelloFresh on the Android version). But the free app is definitely worth a download, and health tracking pros might even find new joy in Noom Weight’s simple and straightforward approach.

Photo: Noom

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