Relaxation techniques, CBD, and ibuprofen are among the strategies that may help you chill out and come down from the high faster.

You can stop Googling “can weed kill you” now — the science proves that it can’t. So breathe in, breathe out, because you’ll get through this. Most cannabis highs last from 30 minutes to a few hours, so you should be in the clear before you know it.

While nothing can help you come down from a high instantly, there are ways to ease your high. Here’s how!

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There’s almost nothing worse than someone telling you to “just relax!” when you’re mid-panic. So while we’re not suggesting that a few deep breaths will make you suddenly stop freaking out, it *might* at least make you realize that the freakout will pass.

Seek out what you normally do to relax and unwind, which will help ground you and prep your mind for rest. For some, that might mean listening to a guided meditation, listening to music, or doing yoga. For others, it might mean watching your go-to comfort show of choice or snuggling with your pet.

It doesn’t really matter whether you journal, light a candle, or take in bath – but in general, doing what you normally do to relax should help you feel less high and a lot more “normal.”

CBD is another compound that studies strongly suggest has relaxing and anti-anxiety properties. Since it’s known to calm the central nervous system, it’s often used to counter undesired effects of high-THC cannabis, like anxiety or paranoia.

However, the science is still mixed on whether CBD can actually reduce THC’s effects. Most of the evidence supports that the use of CBD combined with THC can ease the psychoactive effects, but it doesn’t stop them. Moreover, taking CBD after you’re already high from THC prob won’t help.

#StonerTok is full of TikTokers noshing on peppercorns and lemon juice for a reason: There’s a science to suggest doing this can help you calm down while toking up. In fact, according to a 2011 review, people may have been drinking a pepper-laden drink to help cool down from cannabis as early as the 1st century!

Both lemons and peppercorns contain fragrant compounds called terpenes, which interact with the terpenes in cannabis to help you reduce stress and chill out. The compounds in black pepper may help diminish THC’s psychoactive effects. Users compare the effects to almost like taking CBD.

You don’t even have to consume the lemons or peppercorn to reap some benefit — even taking a whiff of a jar of whole peppercorns or inhaling the fragrance of some lemon rind may help.

Pro tip: Avoid inhaling ground peppercorns, as they can be hella irritating to the nasal passages.

Drinking water is a solid way to flush your system of pretty much anything — drugs like cannabis included.

Staying hydrated before, while, and after your trip should help the high dissipate faster. Meanwhile, avoiding alcohol and caffeine will help combat dehydration and that yucky dry mouth feeling from too much cannabis.

Research suggests that taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen can mitigate unwanted side effects of THC, including cognition or memory impairments.

Since these benefits may also extend to suppressing the anxiety or racing thoughts sometimes associated with THC, it may be worth trying.

If you’re in full panic mode, talking to someone you love (and obvs trust won’t be judgmental about your cannabis use) may help soothe your worries. Someone telling you that you’re going to be okay can help you ride it out — even if you already know it’s true, that little extra support can make all the diff.

Some online therapy services also have messaging services with your therapist so you can talk it out. You can also finally put those coping methods you worked so hard to learn to good use!

Munchies aside, getting some healthy food in your system can help your blood sugar levels stabilize and help you feel a bit more normal.

We’ll be real: No magic pill will make you instantly un-high. However, doing things like eating peppercorns, drinking water, and distracting and relaxing yourself can help minimize the high feeling and help you feel better.

Remember that you can’t overdose on cannabis. But since THC can impede your motor skills, concentration, and cognition, relaxing until the high passes is a good idea. Most highs should go away within a few hours.

It’s also a good idea to go low and slow to avoid overconsumption in the first place.