Need another awesome health app to download? Look no further! Last week, we began asking our ambassadors what their favorites apps were for their fitness, health, and happiness. They had so many awesome suggestions for what to try out that we had to include another round!

1. Night Clock

Sarah Stahlman

Night Clock. It’s simple, but exactly what I need. It makes my phone turn into a regular ol’ bedstand clock. I just have to open my eyes to know the time instead of having to push any buttons on my phone. The other bonus of the app is that it blocks notifications from coming through.

2. My Fitness Pal

Laura Summers

I just adore My Fitness Pal! It helps keep me aware of every bite I put into my mouth, which keeps me in line! I also love how I can enter in my activity and see how it impacts my calorie count for the day. (For example, was that slice of pie worth the 20 burpees?!)

3. Nike+

Tara Fuller

I’d say the oh-so-popular Nike+app. I started racing last year and the app helped me learn how to train successfully. I used to think going for a leisurely jog was all that went into running, but with Nike+ (and way too many articles and books I care to admit) I’ve learned the art of pacing, negative splits, and most importantly, how long a mile really is. (I used to estimate that I was running five miles, when it was really only three…oops.)

4. Runtastic Pro

Larissa Stephanoff

My favorite app is Runtastic Pro. I’m seriously in love with this for running. Until this, I hadn’t found an app that gave me splits, and I also like that it gives me details at each mile/kilometer. I’ve had a better GPS experience with this compared to other apps as well. Worth the purchase!

5. Fit Radio

Maureen Faherty

One of my favorite things to do is create workout playlists, but when I’m feeling uninspired, or just want to switch it up a bit, I love my FIT Radio app. They have different genres to choose from, its always a mix of music that keeps me motivated and it’s the next best thing to me playing my iTunes playlists. 🙂

6. Strava

Christopher Malenab

Strava. It allows me to upload my runs and give “kudos” to my fellow runners. Depending on what I am currently training for, I may sometimes spend a lot of time running solo. This app allows me to stay connected to the rest of my running partners through the social media world, so I do not feel disconnected.

7. ShopShop

Parita Kuttapan

My favorite app is ShopShop. It makes creating a grocery list easy and fun! Since the app maintains a list of all the foods I buy, all I have to do is go through my fridge and pantry every week and select what I need from the list. And just like that, my weekly grocery list is ready!

We want to know yourfavorite app, too! Tell us in the comments below or tweet directly @greatist.