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Design by Dana Davenport

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a type of eczema — the most common type, actually. But if you ask any random person what eczema is, they’ll likely say, “Isn’t that just a rash?”

Anyone who’s battled symptoms like maddeningly dry and itchy skin, however, knows AD is so much more than a typical here-today-gone-tomorrow irritation. It can be a full-on chronic itch fest, not to mention a strain on your mental health.

To top it off, AD is often confused with other skin conditions and even poo-pooed as if it’s no big deal. But AD is a big deal to the more than 26 million people, including kids, in the U.S. who have it, so it can help if we all get the facts straight about this frequently misunderstood condition.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about AD and to bust through some of the common eczema myths out there.