Pre-workout snacks tend to go something like this: a handful of carbs, a few ounces of protein, and a healthy fat. You might be used to noshing on peanut butter toast or crackers and carrots with hummus, but when you’re following a keto diet and cutting carbs, figuring out what to make can be a little tricky.

We put together some high-fat, moderate-protein keto snacks that will get you through any gym sesh, long run, or HIIT class, without taking up too many of your precious carbs. Get your almond butter ready!

1. Keto Avocado Pepperoni Salad

One of the best parts of following a keto diet is having cheese back on the table. This light salad makes use of creamy mozzarella pearls (yum!), cubed avocado, and pepperoni to pack in healthy fats and protein to fuel your workout. Season it with salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice.

2. Keto Yogurt Bowl

While dairy isn’t always the best idea before an intense workout, there are plenty of coconut milk or soy-based yogurts that you can swap in if you’re worried about upsetting your stomach. Get a few carbs in with fresh berries and healthy fats from pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, and almond butter.

3. Creamy Avocado Tuna Boats

This healthy snack comes together in five minutes, and is pretty low-budget too. Mix canned tuna (or salmon!) with mayo, cucumber and green onion slices, and a shake of black pepper, then stuff the filling in avocado boats. Pro tip: Break out the ice cream scooper to get a perfectly round scoop.

4. Smoked Salmon Cucumber Roll Ups

These are pretty enough to be a party appetizer, but convenient and easy enough to throw together for a quick pre-workout snack. All you have to do is cut a cucumber into long, thin slices (so they’ll roll), spread on some cream cheese and fresh smoked salmon, and roll it all up. You’ll want to blot the cucumber slices a bit to get rid of extra moisture, BTW.

5. Avocado Egg Salad

Hold the mayo; add the avo. This egg salad takes just a few minutes to make and blends protein and healthy fats like a champ. We recommend shaking some everything bagel seasoning on top since it makes just about everything better (and actual bagels are off limits).

6. Nutty Homemade Protein Bars

RXBAR fans, you’ve gotta try this at-home version. With just four main ingredients—almonds, cashews, egg white protein, and dates—it’s just as clean as your go-to packaged bar. You can add in cinnamon, cocoa powder, fresh ginger, or coconut flakes to switch up the flavor.

7. Ham and Cream Cheese Roll Ups

OK, these are definitely a love-it-or-hate-it kind of snack, but if you’re a pickle fan, you’ll appreciate the sour burst inside your ham and cream cheese roll-ups. If you’re not big on pickles, replace ’em with cucumbers for the same crunch. Grab a few before your workout for a solid mix of protein and fat.