Tacos definitely make our top-five favorite foods list. But since they come in such tiny portions at restaurants, we like to host our own taco nights where we make the rules—and that means massive taco bowls. Whether you’re a tofu-hating vegan, gluten-free (but still in the mood for carbs), or down for whatever meat is on the table, one of these nine taco bowls was made for you. Pass the salsa and guac, please.

taco bowls: superfood beef

Let ground beef cozy up to hummus, brown rice, and kale to make this superfood taco bowl. When dinner is half burrito-half salad in one bowl, you know you’ve made the right choice.

taco bowls: tofu

This isn’t the tofu you pushed around your plate as a kid: Smothered in a spicy chipotle poblano sofrito sauce, this version of the vegan protein is one you won't turn your nose up at.

taco bowls: Fish Taco

The riff on a classic fish taco swaps the batter for blackened seasoning and the deep-fry for a simple pan sear, yet there’s no loss of flavor. Cover the bowl with cheesy avocado-lime sauce or simply squeeze lime and slice up an avo—you can't go wrong.

taco bowls: Quinoa Taco

You won’t miss the meat in these quinoa tacos—the protein-rich grain tossed with taco seasoning tastes just as good as beef. We love pairing the texture of quinoa with black beans, red onion, and avocado.

taco bowls: Steak Fajita

Forget ground beef: Draw out more flavor with this cilantro-marinated skirt steak. Pile the bowl with quinoa and soft peppers and onions for the complete GF fajita experience.

taco bowls: Turkey Taco

Ditch the bowl—or at least, your original concept of a bowl. This turkey taco sits inside a spaghetti squash. A slow-roasted squash filled with taco fixin’s and fresh pico de gallo make this the dinner you’ll crave all week.

taco bowls: Beef and Sweet Potato Noodle

Change up the concept of a noodle bowl with this sweet potato taco twist. Spiralize a sweet potato into noodles and cover with spicy black beans, ground beef, and a creamy avocado-Greek yogurt sauce on top.

taco bowls: Shrimp Taco

Bring one of these super-simple shrimp taco bowls for lunch tomorrow and prepare to be the envy of the office kitchen. Serve as is or over a pile of leafy greens.

taco bowls: Lentil Walnut Taco

If you’re not in the mood for tofu or seitan, this crumbly lentil and walnut “meat” is the vegetarian protein of your dreams. Make your own cashew cheese to crumble on top or just finish the bowl with fresh veggies.

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