Anyone who’s dabbled in Paleo or Whole30 knows the value of hard-boiled eggs. Really anyone who enjoys starting their day with a high-protein, low-effort meal or snack has turned to the humble boiled egg. But as tasty and nutritious as they are, eating them daily can get old—and fast. And as great as salt, pepper, hot sauce, and other quick-hit condiments are, they don’t provide quite enough range in flavor.

Stuck in an egg rut? Lack of flavor have you feeling scrambled? Try one of these inventive ways to make anything-but-average hard-boiled eggs. They’re truly eggcellent (we had to).

1. Soy Sauce Eggs

Soy to the world! These marinated eggs are absolutely heavenly. And they couldn’t be easier to make. Whisk together the soy marinade (which takes mere minutes) and soak the pre-boiled eggs for up to 24 hours. The longer they soak, the stronger the flavor, so we say hold off as long as you can. We also love adding ginger to the sauce and topping with jalapeños for a little spice.

2. Crispy Eggs in Avocados

Warning: This recipe gets messy. But we’re all for getting our hands dirty, and the end result is worth it. The perfect combo of crunchy, creamy, and savory, these avocado-filled eggs are the ideal dish to serve for brunch. They can be served baked or fried, but the latter provides the best texture and flavor (obviously).

3. Beet Pickled Eggs With Mustard Caviar

Pickling eggs is surprisingly easy. Simply hard-boil the eggs, submerge in the pickling liquid (we love the combination of beet juice, apple cider vinegar, and coconut sugar), add the onions, and soak overnight. For perfectly peelable eggs, add salt to the boiling water and peel underwater. The mustard caviar is as elegant-tasting as it sounds, but feel free to skip that step and serve with whole-grain dijon.

4. Marbled Tea Eggs

Marinating eggs is a popular Asian cooking method that results in some pretty intense and super-delicious flavor. We love the beautiful spiderweb pattern that comes from cracking the eggs before submerging them in the tea- and spice-infused liquid. While traditional recipes opt for black tea, these eggs are equally as delicious with green and red varieties. Eat alone or with a thin slice of fresh ginger.

5. Boiled Eggs With Olive Oil, Fresh Herbs, and Pickled Shallots

Sometimes a tiny touch is all we need. This recipe takes a few simple flavors and turns them into something exquisite. With a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of fresh pepper and sea salt, a few chopped herbs (we love basil and parsley), and pickled shallots, these hard-boiled eggs go from basic to epic. Feel free to use any herbs you have on hand and spice things up with sliced jalapeños (which go great with cilantro) or a dollop of harissa.

6. Eggs in Spicy Sambal Sauce

These boiled eggs bring the heat. While we’re all for making sauces from scratch, opting for store-bought means these eggs can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. Simply plunk the pre-cooked eggs into sambal sauce simmering on the stove, stir for two minutes, and enjoy. To make sure the yolk isn’t overcooked, remove from the boiling water a minute or two early.

7. Japanese Scotch Eggs

Asian countries may have it down when it comes to egg marinades, but no one knows quite how to do Scotch eggs, like, well, the Scots. This recipe takes the best of both worlds to create an incredibly decadent Japanese Scotch egg. Wrapped in a pork mixture flavored with scallions, ginger, and garlic and served with a side of curry-mayo dipping sauce, this recipe is the perfect brunch crowd-pleaser or dinner party surprise. Use ground chicken for a slightly healthier twist on this multicultural classic.