We’ve said it before: Bowl food rocks. Seriously, mounds of veg, protein, and greens, usually drizzled with some delightfully creamy sauce... how could you not be about that? And while some of you have been eating Buddha bowls for years, we’re already seeing how popular they’re going to be in 2017. For good reason: Everyone is finally starting to see that they’re not really that hard to make.

Get ready to plunge your fork into these nine giant bowls of goodness—and don’t forget to post them on Instagram (duh). Vegans should note that some of these bowls include cheese, eggs, or dairy, so make sure to read the recipes closely if you follow a special diet.

Buddha bowls: Turmeric Sweet Potato
Photo: Pinch of Yum

Wake up your standard sweet potato bowl with a big dash of turmeric. The bright yellow spice comes with big flavor—your taters won’t know what hit 'em.

Buddha bowls: Falafel Beet
Photo: Well and Full

Winter’s finest is on display in this bowl: Kale, beets, and carrots make a vibrant meal you’ll want every night. Our favorite part is probably the beet-pink-dyed couscous. Or maybe the kale falafel. Or maybe the whole thing.

Buddha bowls: BBQ Tempeh
Photo: The First Mess

Bake sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, and tempeh (smothered in barbecue sauce!) on one tray, and make a dairy-free ranch dressing while the main event is in the oven. This is the barbecue of the future, guys, no joke.

Buddha bowls: Soba Noodle
Photo: Supper With Michelle

It’s time to stop avoiding certain aisles in the grocery store because you “don’t know what something is.” Stock up on soba noodles: These twisty buckwheat strands hold up to any sauce.

Buddha bowls: Korean BBQ
Photo: Oh My Veggies

Sweet and spicy Korean barbecue sauce is the ideal dressing for stir-fried veggies, tofu, and quinoa. PSA: Don’t skip the pineapple, as the uber-sweet fruit naturally balances the sauce.

Buddha bowls: Thai Tempeh
Photo: Fit Mitten Kitchen

We’d like to predict that freekeh is about to be your new favorite grain. The earthy grain (that has more protein and fiber than quinoa) goes way too well with roasted veg, pan-fried tempeh, and a drizzle of creamy cashew sauce.

Buddha bowls: Brussels Sprouts and Eggplant
Photo: Robust Recipes

Ditch typical bowl proteins and opt for a hard-boiled egg and big handful of sunflower seeds—then concentrate on the mountain of roasted veg in front of you. Once the apple cider vinegar-honey mustard is poured on, it’ll be pretty hard not to scarf down the bowl.

Buddha bowls: Spinach-Quinoa Patty
Photo: Green Kitchen Stories

Instead of sautéed greens and a scoop of grains, go for quinoa-spinach patties. Pile them into a bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, soft-boiled eggs, beans, and microgreens—uh, yum.

Buddha bowls: Steak Fajita
Photo: Little Spice Jar

So we snuck one meat recipe in here—gotcha! This steak-heavy bowl is literally the opposite of the vegan bowls plastered all over Instagram, but that’s kinda why we love it. The garlic-lime rice is a tart contrast to the meat, and when served with roasted corn, peppers and onions, and a big dollop of guac, there’s no beating this bowl.

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