This list has been curated by our Books Editor based on books she’s read or sampled, and books that have great Goodreads reviews.

We’ve been logging more hours than ever inside the same four walls, so it’s time to ask yourself: Could your space use a refresh?

Home is a refuge for you and the ones you love (human, pet, plant, and beyond). But how to bring that vibe to life? It takes more than just decorating, which is why we’re here to help.

Ready to find your personal style? Here are 11 fantastic books to help transform your place into your ideal retreat.

1. Scandi Rustic: Creating a cozy & happy home by Rebecca Lawson and Reena Simon

This book is packed with ideas inspired by Scandinavian design elements and rustic, natural materials, compiled by award-winning bloggers and Instagrammers. Think pared-back details with lots of texture, wood, natural light, and earthy tones that evoke an ultra-cozy and inviting look.

You’ll find sections on color palettes, lighting, materials, and finishing touches with tons of stunning photos from real homes. This book is a treasure if you’re interested in creating your own hygge retreat. And the book itself, with its textured cream cover, is something you’ll want to display on your coffee table.

2. Home for the Soul: Sustainable and thoughtful decorating and design by Sara Bird and Dan Duchars

If your ecological footprint is one of the main things you consider when creating your personal space, this book is a great place to get truly beautiful and thoughtful ideas.

It covers topics like paint and palettes, fabric and textiles, texture, furniture, storage, lighting, and how to display treasures for a layered and lived-in look that harmonizes with your personal aesthetic and values. It also showcases 10 real homes for loads of inspiration.

3. A Well-Crafted Home: Inspiration and 60 Projects for Personalizing Your Space by Janet Crowther

Itching to personalize your space with DIY projects? Even the smallest handmade detail can help turn a house into a home.

This book contains inspiration and instructions for 60 projects from furniture to artwork. A few of our favorites include the tassel wall banner, thread wrapped pendant light, and rolling trunk storage.

4. The Home Edit Life: The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

You might’ve seen these authors in action on the Netflix show “Get Organized with The Home Edit.” Or, maybe you’re new to organizing and wondering where to start. In this book, home organizing masters Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin offer up genius ideas for sorting, arranging, and decluttering.

It’s a no-guilt guide to keeping what you want without making a mess. From color-coded craft rooms to shelves full of beauty items, the images are eye-candy for those who love to organize.

5. Make Yourself at Home: Design Your Space to Discover Your True Self by Moorea Seal

The author of the popular “52 Lists” series posits that you can “design your space to discover your true self.” In this guidebook, Moorea Seal suggests ways you can feel settled in your space to feel more settled in your life.

The book is packed with tips, interviews, DIYs, color theory, and photos to help create your ideal vision for your living room, kitchen, dining area, home office, and bedroom. We especially love the sections on making an herb drying rack for your kitchen and creating a private sanctuary in your bedroom.

6. Winter Living Style: Bring hygge into your home with this inspirational guide to decorating for Winter by Selina Lake

This latest book from one of our favorite home decor stylists is a hygge masterpiece. You’ll find all the homespun, faded, rustic, and festive wintery delights in these pages.

How you organize, style, and live in your space can have a major impact on mood. Selina Lake provides inspiration, stunning photos, and tips on how to transform what might feel like a dreary winter into one of the most magical seasons (long after the holidays), in your snug little nest.

7. Rental Style: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Apartment or Small Home by Chelsey Brown

Rest assured there’s plenty you can do to make your space your own — even if you don’t own it. Geared toward those renting smaller spaces and those on a budget, this book covers decorating and organizing tips that work around renter restrictions. Combating limited storage and ways to creatively “renovate” a rental kitchen? We’re all in!

8. Home Office Solutions: How to Set Up an Efficient Workspace Anywhere in Your House (Creative Homeowner) Creating a Comfortable Space for Remote Work; Space-Efficient Ideas, Organization Tips, and More by Chris Peterson

Whether you’re setting up your home workspace for the first time, or want to revamp that corner you’ve been working in for the last several months, this book has you covered. It includes floor plan ideas, furniture tips, how to efficiently use and decorate your space, WFH tips, and plenty of photos to get those ideas flowing.

9. High-Vibe Feng Shui: 11 Steps to Achieving Your Best Life by Ashley Cantley

If you’re looking to tap into the energy of your home, clear blocks, and welcome in positive energy then pick up this book. It’s all about mapping the energy of your home (aka the ancient practice of feng shui) to create a better “flow.” Ideally, this practice can help increase the harmony, joy, and balance felt in your home — and, in your life.

10. Jungalow: Decorate Wild by Justina Blakeney

Do you love lots of color, patterns, and bold style? If so, this is definitely for you. Designer, artist, and author Justina Blakeney put this book together to inspire wild, free-spirited interiors that are meant to be layered, bold, and personal.

You’ll learn to include elements from your heritage and travels while — perhaps most importantly — breaking all the rules. Out April 6th.

11. How to Make a House a Home: Creating a Purposeful, Personal Space by Ariel Kaye

“A home tells the story of who you are,” writes Ariel Kaye, founder of the bedding company Parachute. And each room has its narrative that plays a part in the larger story.

How to Make a House a Home explores how you can achieve comfort, personality, and a space that functions to fit your lifestyle.

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