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It’s almost V-Day. You wanna honor the chocolate fanatic in your life with all the cacao. But one of those heart-shaped drugstore sampler boxes doesn’t exactly scream, “I put thought into this because I like/love you!” These cool, unique, all-around delicious chocolate gifts definitely do.

Partner, new flame, pandemic bubble buddy — whatever. No matter what role that special someone plays, if they worship at the altar of the great cocoa bean, there’s something for them here. Let’s talk choc.

Best flowers and chocolate in one

Succulent Chocolates & Sweets Sweet and Salty Roses

These handcrafted blooms look cool and taste even better. The milk chocolate is infused with pretzels and crunchy salted caramel bits for a sweet-salty combo that’s impossible to stop eating. Make a statement with a single rose or get a bunch to go big and concoct your own bouquet.

Price: $

Like cake balls but a million times better

Milk Bar Chocolate B’Day Cake Truffle Dozen Box

If chocolate Funfetti cake and crunchy chocolate cookies had babies, these truffles would be the mouthwatering results. Since there are 12 of these ultrarich truffles in a box, you *might* be able to convince your person to share.

Price: $$

For your favorite bookworm

Vosges Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library

Look at these pretty mini bars, all wrapped and packed up like a Dewey Decimal-approved library shelf. The chocolate comes in drool-worthy flavors you probably won’t come across elsewhere too — think banana coconut, reishi walnut, and matcha spirulina.

Price: $$

Ooh, a subscription box!

Raaka First Nibs Three Bar Subscription

Each month delivers two all-new micro-batch, single-origin chocolate bars plus a classic Raaka bar in flavors like Cranberry Oat Crunch, Sorrel Punch Swirl, and Gingersnap. Also good: The brand is all about transparent trade, so you can feel good about where the cacao came from.

Price: $$

Best for science geeks with a sweet tooth

Martin’s Chocolatier Luxury Chocolate Planets

These mesmerizing orbs — which each boast a different filling — are handcrafted from Belgian chocolate, so they’ll of course taste, y’know, out of this world. Whether you decide to accept that the collection is eight planets plus the sun (as the manufacturer says) or the Real Nine Planets (Pluto forever) is up to you and yours.

Price: $$$

For those who scream for ice cream

COOP’s Microcreamery Hot Fudge

Hershey’s squeeze bottle, this is not. What you’ve got here is a dense, ganache-like sauce with a cult following, made from European chocolate, fresh cream and butter, and zero chemicals or preservatives. Your person will prob want to save the cool jar too.

Price: $

For the tea lovers

Republic of Teas Cuppa Chocolate Tea Assortment

There’s a time for a meditative mug of matcha or a refined cup of English Breakfast. Then there’s a time for lying on the couch, sipping something sweet, and not thinking too much. That’s when this 24-pack — which includes very nontraditional tea flavors like Red Velvet Chocolate and Coconut Chocolate — comes in handy.

Price: $$

For the friend who loves Cinderella and Snow White

L.A. Burdick Chocolate Mice Sampler

Nothing says “I love you” better than a box of four hand-piped (no plastic molds here!) chocolate mice. Nothing. After gifting this and watching your person squeak with delight, head over to the chocolatier’s website and read up on how the critters are made. (Each mouse takes THREE DAYS.)

Price: $$

Best sampler that’s not shaped like a heart

Dylan’s Candy Bar Chocolate Lovers Tackle Box

No hooks, lures, or bobbers in this tackle box. Just an assortment of delicious chocolate bites in a mix of creamy and crunchy textures that your person can dip into all month long. (Or devour in a day. Whatever!)

Price: $$$

For coping with pent-up pandemic feels

Sabras Sweet Shack Chocolate Smash Box

You can opt to have one of these custom-made chocolate boxes (available in white, milk, or dark choc) filled with goodies like candy, chocolate-covered Oreos, an edible picture, or even a coupon for your Valentine. (Like, good for one foot massage anytime you want, etc.)

The really fun part? Your person can reveal what’s inside by smashing the box to bits with a wooden mallet, which is included.

Price: $$$

For hot chocolate aficionados only

Verve Culture Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set

This box has everything your person needs to make real-deal Mexican hot chocolate, including Oaxacan hot chocolate mix, two handcrafted clay mugs, and a traditional wooden molinillo to mix the chocolate and make it frothy.

Price: $$$$

For friends who like food on sticks

Popbar Hot Chocolate Sticks

Here’s another route to hot chocolate that requires almost no effort whatsoever. This six-pack has dark, milk, and vanilla white chocolate sticks made for the precise purpose of swirling into hot milk.

Price: $$

Sexier than chocolate body paint

Moon Juice Cosmic Cocoa

Billed as an “arousing, nourishing, & decadent hot chocolate,” this adaptogenic cacao-mushroom powder will get you and your person in the mood while hydrating your skin, boosting your immune system, and delivering inner harmony.

Price: $$$

For paleontologists at heart (and IRL)

Li-Lac Chocolates Tyrannosaurus Rex

Of course you’d give your person tickets to Reptar on Ice if you could. But since that’s not an option, this handmade milk chocolate T. rex — which stands almost half a foot tall — is a decent alternative that’ll still make them smile.

Price: $$

Sweet and salty goodness

Popinsanity Caramel Chocolate Drizzle Gourmet Popcorn

It’s just a really solid bag of chocolate-drizzled caramel corn, which anyone would benefit from right now. (Tip: Convince your person to share it with you by reminding them that eating the whole bag will def make them feel like garbage.)

Price: $$

For the social (media) butterfly

Bang Candy Rainbow Chocolate Bark

Whether it tastes good really isn’t the point — this one’s for putting on the internet to show off. But it’s handcrafted with Belgian dark and white chocolates and sprinkled with sea salt, so it’ll definitely be delicious.

Price: $$

It’s a classic for a reason, folks

Hershey’s S’mores Kit

The chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow combo is just as good sitting on the couch at age 26 as it was at sleepaway camp at age 11. And since this kit makes 18 chocolaty sandwiches, your person will be set with nostalgic snacks for the rest of winter.

Price: $$$$

Grown-ups only, plz

Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liquor Bottles

Speaking of nostalgia, remember when you’d sneak those booze-filled, bottle-shaped chocolates when your parents would have a party? (And thought you were the bomb for doing it?) Your person deserves to relive those carefree moments in 2021.

Price: $$

Chocolate, but make it hygge

Milwaukee Candle Co. Third Ward Java Dark Chocolate Soy Candle

This hand-poured, chocolate-and-coffee-scented candle was designed to evoke the scent memory of Milwaukee’s Third Ward. But even if you’ve never been there, the sweet, roasty aroma and warm glow is pure comfort.

Price: $$

Best candles for a Black Forest chocolate cake

Let Them Eat Candles Edible Chocolate Candles

Make your person a fudgy, V-Day-inspired cake and top it with chocolate candles that are also gobble-uppable (and apparently designed for birthdays, but who cares?). Neither of you will forget this epicurean experience.

Price: $$

Best Band-Aid solution

Choc-Aid Milk Chocolate

Because whether the boo-boos are physical or emotional, chocolate always helps. Just don’t let your person attempt to put these on an actual injury, please.

Price: $

Best way to choco-fy a spa day

frank body Cacao Coffee Scrub

Sometimes self-care means taking a break from sugary stuff. If your person is in one of those periods (or just likes their exfoliant to smell like dessert), get this.

Price: $$

For mocha fiends

La Colombe Draft Chocolate Milk

There’s actually no coffee in these cans whatsoever. It’s just a 12-pack of primo chocolate milk that gets an extra jolt from premium cocoa and frothy nitrous oxide-infused moo juice. What’s not to love?

Price: $$$$

Best gift for a new flame

Harry & David Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

Yeah, these aren’t for everyone. But if your person is a heat fanatic, you know they’ll be into it. The box comes with 9 to 12 peppers dipped in top-quality Belgian chocolate and shipped straight to your door fast, so the jalapeños stay juicy and fresh.

Price: $$$$

Best for your doctor friends (or anyone obsessed with “Grey’s Anatomy”)

Apple Cookie & Chocolate Company ChocAnatomy

The brand actually bills this box of body-part-molded milk chocolates as a great gift for medical professionals. And maybe it is! But it’s also just right for someone who’s happy to spend hours and hours watching reruns of “Mystery Diagnosis.” (Which is to say, anyone — right?)

Price: $$$

Best for all types of chocolate lovers

Seattle Chocolate Moon Rocks Truffle Bar

This truffled milk chocolate bar filled with crunchy popping candy is not astronaut food. But somehow you can’t not look at it and think of the freeze-dried ice cream you had to buy from every single museum gift shop you visited between the ages of 7 and 12. And for that, it’s a guaranteed V-Day gift win.

Price: $