Nothing’s worse than a room temp cup of coffee.

You know the scene: It’s 10 a.m. on a Monday, you reach for that cuppa joe post-emails and get a mouthful of cold caffeine. Ew.

If you’re like me, you reheat that coffee approximately five times every morning. If you’re also like me, you live in a small NYC apartment sans microwave and have to warm that bevvy on your stovetop. Double ew.

So you can imagine just how excited I was when a family member gifted me The Ember Mug — aka, the savior to all my coffee woes. This self-heating smart mug keeps your drink at the *perfect* temperature all morning long. Here’s why I love it.

The Ember is like a mug from the future. Get this: it connects via Bluetooth to an app on your phone where you can easily adjust the temperature of your drink. So whether you like your coffee kids-temp warm or hot enough to scald your tongue, the Ember has you covered.

An extra fun component that I wasn’t expecting to love so much? In the app, you can also change the color of your cup’s LED light. Since the mug is a little *minimal* for my taste, this is a cute way to add a bit of personality (and, if your roomies are also rocking the Ember, a chance to differentiate your drink).

An extra bonus for those busy bees out there: the Ember not only comes in a travel size (thank goodness), but there’s also a car charger to make sure you always have a warm drink on hand — even while driving.

Now let’s get down to business. At $130-ish (give or take a few $$ pending sales and such), the Ember is an investment compared to your regular old mug. That being said, if you use it every morning (like I certainly do), or are looking for a fun + practical gift, the Ember is worth the extra change.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for temp-controlled coffee — or are simply tired of pacing between your desk and the microwave — the Ember mug could be for you. ☕️

Brittany Ladin is a content creator and social media enthusiast who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She’s most likely thinking about her cats right now.