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A truth about me: I’m terrified of needles. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that some life activities, including trying acupuncture and getting a tattoo, just aren’t for me. But even though I opt to keep sharp points out of my life, I’ve still got the neck and back pain of a full-time WFH employee (and relying on my very loving, yet not professional masseuse partner for massages just isn’t cutting it anymore!). Enter: Bed of Nails.

This pillow is adorned with a ton of plastic pokey “needles” that help release built-up tension in your neck, back, lumbar spine, and even the arches of your feet!

Here’s why I’m reaching for this prickly bad boy multiple times a day.👇

  • affordable (and effective!) tool for relieving tension and pain
  • acupressure that’s safe to do at home with “needles” that don’t penetrate the skin
  • various product options allow you to target specific areas of your body
  • environmentally-friendly products that use nontoxic, recyclable HIPS plastic
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Bed of Nails products utilize small plastic spikes to target pain, ease tension, and promote relaxation.

The “nails” don’t penetrate the skin, making the pillow an acupressure and acupuncture hybrid (which, if you hate needles as much as I do, is a huge plus). You can personalize your acu-experience by adjusting the placement of the mat and toying with the amount of body weight pressure you apply.

Bed of Nails offers a few different products including pillows, mats, and straps. Since I tend to hold a lot of pain in my neck (did someone say tech neck?) I opted for trying their pillow — and I’ve gotta say, it’s become a real staple in my self-care routine. From midday meditation (OK, nap) breaks to binge-watching Netflix in bed, Bed of Nails just makes everything more comfy. You can stand, sit, or lie with it depending on what you’re doing and how your bod is feeling.

Fellow low pain threshold friends, this bit’s for you. TBH, I was pretty intimidated when I first opened up my prickly new friend. After a few (failed) attempts at relaxing, I finally got cozy and settled in — and BOY, did I settle in. I felt my body sink into the pillow, letting out some gentle creaks and cracks as I adjusted. I fell into a peaceful half-conscious rest and let the Bed of Nails shoo away all my worries.

The first thing I noticed after my first Bed of Nails rendez-vous was how light my head felt. It was as if someone had come and gently lifted my head up off of my neck, loosening and stretching out all those little tendons and tight spots. I felt like I could stretch broader in my collarbones and even sit straighter. It. Was. Awesome.

Think this pokey pillow only belongs under your neck? Think again! If you need some inspo, we got you covered. Here’s just a few ways I love to use the Bed of Nails pillow:

  • behind my neck or lower back while reading or watching TV
  • placed for lumbar support while working at my desk
  • under my feet while sitting down
  • under my feet while standing up
  • placed under any specific area (think: hamstring, calf, that spot on your mid-back that’s juuuust out of reach) for targeted healing

Basically, you can use this little guy to improve almost any position, no matter what you’re doing. It’s the most low-key (and low effort) pain relief ever.

Whether you’re wanting to improve your desk posture or you live with chronic pain that needs targeted relief, the Bed of Nails is a great tool to have at home. Say goodbye (or at least see you later) to acupuncture appointments with this DIY version.