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Hi Greatist readers, and happy Monday!

December is settling in, and whew, what a year it’s been!

What I enjoy most about Decembers are how they are a great time to pause and look back at what lessons unfolded while anticipating new lessons that will surely arise.

Although we are *still* going through a pandemic, what we also faced this year with COVID-19 is a form of global trauma. A lot of folks are feeling the effects, many of which are related to a decrease in their mental health. What some folks are also feeling, however, is this wave of growth, expansion, and elevation. Post-traumatic growth happens when a person who experiences trauma can find a way to build resiliency by facing adversity and tackling those hardships head-on.

If there is one lesson that I would want you to learn from 2020, it’s that there is much power in adapting to change. Life has shown us that things might not always go how we want them to. But we all have a duty to do the work of shifting and transforming when life is operating outside our window of control.

Now, if you aren’t experiencing the post-traumatic growth effect, this doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. You are human, that’s all. A human with complex emotions, needs, and desires. We are all entitled to grow at our own pace. Remember, there is no external reward for how far you’ve come in life. The only reward is the peace that you will find within.

  • What has 2020 taught you about your humanity?
  • What has 2020 taught you about what it means to have joy?
  • What has 2020 taught you about your ability to handle adversity?

Stay tuned next week for my final newsletter of the year as we talk about setting intentions and honoring our growth!

With love,
Minaa B.