With so much going on in the world, we’ve all had to figure out our preferred methods of staying informed. I’ve been drawn to getting my world news from podcasts. Even if the news is a bummer, listening to voices that I’ve grown to trust helps me feel as though I’m not alone.

We’re also in the midst of an overdue shift of attention onto valuing Black lives. The climate is set for everyone to join the fight for racial justice and to end systemic racism in this country.

With that comes the need for Black voices to push challenging and illuminating subjects to the forefront. Podcasts have provided that opportunity — allowing people to enter tough conversations, receive new context, and alter their own perspectives in ways they might be hesitant to do otherwise.

Though, with so many options already available, and so many new podcasters getting into the game, narrowing a good list down has only gotten harder.

Here’s a list of nine podcasts hosted or produced by Black creatives. Ranging from pop culture updates, to skin care, to scientific discoveries on microaggressions, these are great launching points for podcaster newbies and others looking for a few fresh voices.

“QueerWOC: The Podcast”

Hosted by two “Black Queer Troublemakers,” Money and Nikeeta, this podcast serves as a safe space for queer women and people of color in search of a conversation that is empowering and inclusive.

“The Read”

(Loud Speakers Network)

Culture bloggers, Kid Fury and Crissle bring the ROFL takes on pop culture and current events, while simultaneously offering useful therapeutic advice in response to fan submitted questions and concerns.

“Naked Beauty”

Brooke DeVard shares her unfiltered perspective on beauty, skin care, wellness, and general self-care. With guests sharing insight and personal perspective on what makes them feel most beautiful, this podcast will leave you feeling flawless.

“Code Switch”

This podcast, brought to you by NPR, has been churning out episodes since 2013. The (well-received) goal being to breakdown how race impacts society as a whole, with an emphasis on journalistic research and open dialogue.

“Dope Labs”

Straight out of Spotify Studios, this podcast is hosted by best friends and scientists Titi and Zakiya. The duo work together to break down what’s trending right now, with their added scientific perspectives.

“Heaux in the Kneaux”

Selena the Stripper hosts this unfiltered podcast that she dubs as being “by sex workers for sex workers.” With an array of guests who share their experiences, it’s so one of a kind that you can’t stop listening. This podcast seeks to offer a new perspective on life, love, and the eternal grind.


Since quarantine, Mogul has launched a sub series entitled “The Mogul Mixtapes.” Each episode breaks down hip hop history as told by guests who were there to see it all happen. From Ludacris to Kelly Rowland, this show knows no bounds.

“Toure Show”

This podcast seeks to inspire through the success stories of those who have broken barriers. It will motivate you to push yourself a little harder and remind you that you’re capable of achieving the most astronomical goals.

“Black History Year”

We all know that most history books present limited Black history and thus, edited American history. Black History Year is here to bridge the gap between what we think we know and what we want to find out. By revealing what was left out of the textbooks, this podcast fills you in on what society won’t.

Dive into the first couple of episodes of each podcast on this list. You might find some new favorites, learn something, or at the very least be exposed to some important Black voices to follow. Continue to spread the word and amplify the topics by sharing your favorites with your community.

Coming to Los Angeles from Oakland, California, Magdalena O’Neal has self-published a book of poetry and has been studying creative writing and journalism for the last 7 years. She loves baking and coming up with new recipes to fuel her vegan and gluten-free companions!