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9 Infused Water Recipes That Make Staying Hydrated Way More Fun

9 Infused Water Recipes That Make Staying Hydrated Way More Fun

Turns out, hydration isn't so hard after all.
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How I Get in 8 Cups of Water Without Actually Drinking Regular Water

Free yourself from lugging that metal bottle around all day.
Here's Why the "Raw Water" Trend Is Dumb and Dangerous

Here's Why the "Raw Water" Trend Is Dumb and Dangerous

It's easy to mock hippies, but does raw water have a point? According to experts: hell, no.
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The Best Way to Stay Hydrated If You Hate Plain Water

Flavored water doesn't have to come with mountains of sugar, you know.
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The Reason Your Weight Can Fluctuate 5 Pounds in a Day

Remember this next time you panic after stepping on the scale.
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Fruit-Infused Water Recipe Ideas for Summer 2K

Fruit-Infused Water Recipes for Spring and Summer

If you haven't added chia seeds or jalapeños before, it's time to start.
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Never Sip Lukewarm H2O Again

This water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.
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The Healthy Living Hacks You Need to Check Out 66K

Healthy Life Hacks: 24 Healthy Living Tips From the People Who Know Best

Check out these awesome food and fitness tips from our friends at StumbleUpon.
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Watermelon-Strawberry Water 4K

Watermelon-Strawberry Water

Try this easy healthy recipe as a more hydrating substitute for juice or a smoothie.