A four-minute workout seems too good to be true, but Tabata Protocol makes it a reality by intensely working both aerobic and anaerobic pathways. Tabata involves cardio and strength-training exercises completed in rapid-fire 20-second bursts alternated with 10-second breaks. Those 20-second exercises can include anything from sprints, to squats, to lifting weights. The cycle is then repeated six to eight times. Those ultra-short rest periods prevent the body from fully recovering between sets, meaning it has to work harder each round— definitely not a workout for the faint of heart. Even for those not yet capable of a full-on Tabata workout, a few rounds of Tabata-style exercises can start you on the road to stardom.

The Takeaway: Try a Tabata workout for an effective workout when time is tight.


Tabata isn’t the only scary lingo thrown around at the gym. What are compound movements and forced reps, anyway?

Fun Fact:

Tabata is named after Dr. Izumi Tabata, a researcher who was the first to find a way to train both aerobic and anaerobic pathways back in 1996. Hat-tip to you, Doc.