Other than the obvious bumming-out and loss of sleep, stress can have some serious physical repercussions, from muscle pain and headaches to upset stomach. Plus, anxiety could cause weight gain (hmm…guess it wasn’t all the holiday cookies’ fault!) and weaken immunity. Fortunately, shopping can actually have positive psychological benefits, especially when buying for others— just don’t overspend. Here are our tricks to getting the gift-giving done without losing your marbles:

  • Budget: Make a list of everyone you’re giving to and come up with a budget for each one. Then, assess the total, and rework the budget if it’s a little too high.
  • Plan: Shop on pre-planned days and buy gifts for multiple people at the same places. Fewer lines, less driving, and simpler budgeting— that was easy!
  • Dress for Success: Wear clothing especially reserved for holidays for a mood boost, or suit up in gym gear. In a time crunch, shopping can pretty much stand in for a workout, right?

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The Takeaway: Shopping doesn’t have to be a stressor. Give gifts from the heart and shop small for proven psychological benefits.

Give a Gift, Change the World

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Fun Fact:

This year, the average shopper will spend more than $700 on holiday gifts. And that doesn’t even include the decorations and food!