Illustration by Shannon Orcutt

Heading to Grandmother’s house (or wherever) this Thanksgiving most likely means hours logged in planes, trains, or automobiles. And staying seated for all that time can be a major pain. Instead, try a few quick and easy stretches that can be done while seated or in the close quarters of coach— without offending your neighbors too much.

Move from head to toe, so as not to skip any important muscles, and keep safety in mind. Stretching should feel tight, but never painful, and stretches should each be held steady for about 10 seconds— no “bouncing” allowed! Begin with the neck and shoulders, then move down to the triceps and chest. Don’t forget about the forearms and wrists, either; they can get especially tight when keeping your hands at 10 and two, or while hacking away on your laptop on the tray table. Then hit up those glutes, quads, calves, and ankles. And don’t be shy, kick off your shoes and give those tootsies a good stretch, too— they’ll thank you (even if your seatmate doesn’t)!

The Takeaway: Stretching is well worth the effort; it can lower blood pressure, potentially reduce the risk of heart disease, relieve muscle tension, and improve flexibility

Be a Gym Rat (But Not Literally)

Working out away from your home gym this holiday season? Avoid being an unwanted guest by learning the appropriate gym etiquette. No one wants to share the weight room with a slob!

Fun Fact:

Boeing’s fleet of 747 airplanes has traveled a total of 42 billion nautical miles, the equivalent of more than 100,000 trips to the moon and back. And you thought you had far to travel this week!