Time to add another tally in Omega-3s’ favor. Not only could these fats— often found in fish and nuts— reduce risk of heart disease and cancer, they may also help banish the blues. Studies suggest Omega-3s owe their super powers to anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation is often associated with depression (it’s worth noting, though, there isn’t a proven tie between depression and inflammation). And research has shown Omega-3 supplements to lower anxiety levels in high-stress med students. They may also lessen symptoms of mood and psychological disorders like bipolar disorder.

Try chowing down on fish to cash in on Omega-3’s benefits. Further evidence? Countries with diets high in fish (like Taiwan and Japan) typically have fewer instances of depression than western nations. Studies are still preliminary, though, so consider the mercury levels of those fishy friends before downing too many tuna rolls. Fish oil and flaxseed oil are also a good alternatives.

The Takeaway: Up your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids to fight off anxiety and mood disorders— just don’t overdo it on fish with high mercury levels.

Kick Back and Relax

Fish isn’t the only food item that could help you chill out. Chewing gum and black tea have both been shown to have some soothing effects.

Fun Fact:

While stress won’t actually make you go gray, it can cause your lovely locks to abandon ship.