Whether you’ve got a sweetheart or not, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about fancy dinners and romantic indoor activities. There are plenty of ways to get active with a date or good friend this V-day. Here are our picks for the best Valentines outings for the fit-minded:

  • Go sledding. No fancy toboggan required — just smuggle a tray from your favorite dining establishment (return it when you’re done, of course) and hit the slopes for some serious fun. You’ll get a great leg workout running back up the hill!
  • Climb on up. Skip the cold and head inside for a rock-climbing class. You’ll have butterflies in your stomach, for sure.
  • Play in the snow. Start a snowball fight, make snow angels, or write messages in the snow— it all qualifies as exercise!

The Takeaway: There’s no need to kick back and miss out on a workout today. Grab a friend or that special someone for one of these active dates.

That Lovin’ Feeling

Kissing is the universal sign for affection, but how’d we all get on the same page with that, anyway? Turns out, it’s a deeply rooted biological instinct.

Fun Fact:

Women value kissing more than men, who see it primarily as a pathway to sex. (Who’s surprised?)