Photo by Jess Ivy

Squeeze ‘em into an itch-relieving salve! The compounds in lemon juice (fresh, not bottled!) can have anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects on swollen patches of skin. Should you be short on store-bought solutions, soak up leftover lemon juice with a cotton ball and swipe over your face or other problem areas for relief from itch and inflammation. Takeaway: Skip the Benadryl and try lemon juice to dial down inflammation. Do It Today: Here’s a solution for itchy elbows. Grab a lemon on your way home from work today.Cut in half and squeeze out some of the juice to avoid making a mess (add to water for a quick Vitamin C boost and flavor punch to avoid waste!). Now, stick your elbow in the lemon half and rub around to relieve itchy skin. Let the lemon juice dry, and feel the relief!

Lemon Aid

Dry skin isn’t the only thing this citrus fruit is good for!

Before the Itch

Why mosquitoes consider us tasty.