Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

Forget the time crunch! With a little prep, making a trip to the gym can be quicker than ever, and yield the same — or even better — results. Before making excuses, follow these steps to make your next workout as efficient as possible.

  • Head to the gym during off-peak hours. There’s nothing worse than waiting an extra 20 minutes to use the equipment, so if possible, schedule a sweat session during the lulls. New to a gym? Phone ahead and ask when they’re usually the least crowded.
  • Learn the lay of the land to skip searching for favorite equipment. Ask for a tour when you sign up.
  • Try something new! Favorite class full? Try a different (less crowded) one. You might find a new hobby along the way.

The Takeaway: Plan gym trips beforehand — what time to go, the circuit you make, and what class to try — to order to avoid wasting.

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