Photo by Marissa Angell

January 1st may be a few days past, but it’s never too late to tackle New Year’s resolutions. And for all the non-believers out there, research shows that making resolutions can actually make a difference. In one study, subjects were 10 times more likely to succeed if they made a formal resolution rather than just wanting to change a habit.

Step 1 is obvious: Get started… now! It’s never a bad time to make a resolution, and you’ll need a couple days to mull things over and make plans, so stop everything (well, you can finish reading this email) and start planning. Step 2: Scratch the generics like “exercise more” and “stress less” off the list now— having concrete goals makes sticking to them easier (think: “I will exercise every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”). Step 3: Keep things realistic. After breaking things down into daily steps, you’ll have a good grasp of whether it’ll be doable (and maybe even enjoyable). Read on for even more planning pointers!

The Takeaway: Making resolutions can help us reach health and fitness goals, but it takes more than desire. Start planning now to get things on track for 2012.

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Fun Fact

Travie McCoy’s New Year’s Resolution is to quit smoking, which is one of the most common goals out there.